Friday, April 18, 2014

Looking Up in Downtown San Francisco

After successfully finding a parking building in downtown San Francisco, it was time to go on foot. Walking is still the best way to know any city, and don't forget to look up...

San Francisco's Financial District showcases some of the best art deco inspired structures, each lovingly preserved like grand old dames from a bygone era (see more photos on the Financial District's art deco structures and architectural gems in my other blog here at

Solitary walks provide the best opportunity to see the city in a whole new perspective, and sometimes all you need to do is simply look up and discover San Francisco in a whole new light.

Like classic gems, each building glows in the afternoon light, providing a rich blend of styles in a progressive and dynamic cityscape. Ornate lines frequently overlooked during the usual city tours, a leisurely pace allows you to zone in and find new ways of looking at a familiar city. And allow yourself to get lost, you'll definitely discover new things along the way.

San Francisco's many modern glass and steel structures are pretty amazing, but nothing beats the graceful charm and classic elegance of the older structures.

Next time you take a walk in any city, don't forget to look up...

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