Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paradise Found, at Pico de Loro

Just a mere hour and half drive from Manila, I never knew one could feel a million miles away from the city. And yet you can, and a perfect weekend escape is closer than you think. 

Named after the twin peaks of Mt. Pico resembling an upward pointing parrot's beak, Pico de Loro in Hamilo Coast is the newest residential resort community with all the modern amenities and comforts in a sprawling 5,800 hectare property that includes forests, mountains, 13 picturesque coves and 25 kilometers of pristine coastline (see more on Pico de Loro in my other blog here at  http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2014/03/escape-to-pico-de-loro.html and for more on the private beaches and secluded coves here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2014/04/exploring-pico-de-loros-coves.html).

The exclusive resort community includes several residential clusters built around a tranquil man-made lagoon. The property also includes a hotel, a sports and country club and a beach club equipped with all the facilities you need for a perfect escape.

Walkways surrounding the lagoon are ideal for long, tranquil walks to complete your escape from the stress of the city. The entire property also serves as a wildlife and marine sanctuary, and you can hear a diverse variety of birds throughout the day.

The residential resort community also boasts of secluded beaches and coves that can be reached with the beach club's speed boats. Pure, powdery white sand, calm surf in a protected cove, all yours for a day.  Go snorkeling at the nearby coral formations, enjoy fish feeding with the protected reef residents, and soon, scuba diving in selected dive spots along the property. Or simply enjoy a cold beer and laze around the beach doing absolutely nothing...

Heading back to the resort community's beach club, you can dine in one the resort's many dining establishments while enjoying the panoramic vistas. Finding paradise can be elusive, but Pico de Loro makes it so easy. Stay a few days and get lost in Pico de Loro...and return to the city recharged. 


  1. I was supposed to go there last Holy Week of 2013 with a buddy but he backed out last minute so my vacay that year got spoiled... until I made a detour to Naga, Legazpi, and Sorsogon LOL

    1. This one's a cool getaway, just a short drive from Manila...


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