Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seattle's Very Best at Pike Place Market

A visit to the market is usually the best way to get to know any city and feel the local vibe. And at Seattle, Pike Place Market is definitely one of Seattle's best...

A Seattle institution for more than a hundred years, Pike Place Market boasts some of the freshest local seafood, vegetables and fruits. For more on Pike Place Market, check out my post in my other blog here at

The freshest seafood from the rich, cold waters of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are piled high on each stall including Dungeness crabs, lobsters, Alaskan king crabs, salmon, clams, oysters and prawns. And if you're looking for a particular kind of seafood, just ask any of the friendly fishmongers.

And as you go deeper into the market, the pile of fresh seafood seem to get larger and larger. The various stalls can clean and pack your seafood in minutes for your convenience. Located beside the pier, Pike Place Market also provides dramatic views of the Pacific.

And do keep an eye for flying fish, the fishmongers at Pike Place Market regularly put on a show.

Seeing all that fresh seafood can make you hungry. Make a stop at the award-winning Pike Place Chowder for a bowl of one of the best chowders in the city. And if you're really hungry, Pike Place Chowder also offers a range of fresh seafood salads and seafood sandwich rolls. And cap your visit with a tall Cappuccino at the world's very first Starbucks branch also at Pike Place Market. Make your first stop in Seattle at Pike Place Market, and see Seattle's best...  


  1. I had a hunch towards the end of the post that you'd ingest something from the market LOL

    1. Yup, had to complete the market experience with some chowder!


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