Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Big Texan: Everything's Bigger in Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas, and it's true. We enter the Lone Star State at the end of a cool road trip along the Mother Road, just in time for a late lunch at the legendary Route 66 landmark, The Big Texan. 

For more on the epic road trip along Old Route 66, see more photos on my other blog post here at

First opened in 1960, The Big Texan has since been a mandatory stopover in Amarillo for its signature steaks. And The Big Texan Challenge. And there's no better way to celebrate your arrival to the Lone Star State after a long drive than with a Texan style steak. The road trip from Las Vegas to Amarillo was an eye-opener, passing through Arizona and the Grand Canyon. The seemingly infinite desert road remain an enduring memory of that epic road trip. Big country. And the big steak.

And there she is, the mother of all steaks, all 72 ounces of beef. That's a four and half pound slab of beef. And it's free. If you finish it in an hour or less. Plus the salad, baked potato, rolls, and shrimp cocktail. Hungry?

But I wimped out on the 72 ounce Steak challenge. I go for a more manageable 12 ounce Fort Worth Ribeye instead, with a side of coleslaw, green beans and topped with jalapeno.  And a cold beer. All the flavors of Texas on a plate. Maybe someday soon, I'll go for that 72 oz. steak...

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