Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Injecting New Flavors at Subic Freeport Zone with Ramen Sora

The Subic Freeport Zone gets a fresh infusion of new flavors...with authentic Sapporo-style ramen.

With the popularity of ramen continuing to rise, are we ready for yet another ramen chain? I think we are, and Gerry Apolinario thinks so too. Gerry Apolinario and Pacific Prime Grill Inc. (PPGI), the same group behind Gerry's Grill, Aresi, Kusina ng Gerry's, and Sweet Chili, injects new flavors at the Subic Freeport Zone with the opening of Ramen Sora, one of Sapporo's leading ramen chains.

With branches in Japan, Australia and Las Vegas, Ramen Sora expands its global presence with its first branch in the country, located right beside Court Meridian Hotel & Suites along Waterfront Road. Ramen Sora's Tomiyo Takada, Yoshi Ishisen, Norio Suzuki, and Gerry Apolinario chat with guests during the soft opening, describing their journey leading to the opening of Ramen Sora's first branch here at the Subic Freeport Zone. Each dish at Ramen Sora is prepared using traditional methods with the best and freshest ingredients, and Yoshi Ishisen adds that they put their "heart and soul" into each dish. In fact, Yoshi Ishisen guarantees their ramen will transport you to Sapporo with each sip of their authentic ramen.

Ramen Sora's signature Miso Deluxe Ramen kicks off your culinary experience, with a richly flavored miso broth made from the original miso base and premium black pork boiled for nearly a day. The flavors are bold and robust, sharp and intense, balanced by the delicate and subtle flavors of the noodles and tender pork chashu. The distinct flavors of the nori, menma (bamboo shoots) and aji-tamago combine for a rich blend of traditional and authentic flavors. The noodles have a firm texture for that distinct bite, exactly the way they serve it back in Sapporo. Ramen Sora also offers shio (salt-based) and shoyu (soy sauce- based) ramen variants, plus a wide range of sides to pair with your bowl of ramen... the Seared Premium Pork Chashu, fork-tender slabs of pork, the same pork used to top your ramen, pan-seared with a light sweet glaze. Gerry Apolinario plans to open a second branch in Cebu by early next year, along with a possible third branch in Manila shortly. The coming new year will definitely kick up with increased intensity in the local ramen wars, and Ramen Sora is definitely a contender.

The infusion of fresh and new flavors at the Subic Freeport Zone complements the current offerings of PPGI's other restaurant concepts. Right beside Ramen Sora is Aresi, with its extensive wine selection and traditional brick oven. Why not give Aresi's brick oven a spin and go for one of their signature pizzas? The Aresi Special, topped with chorizo, pepperoni, bacon, home-made Italian sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, and fresh basil on a rustic crust. All the essential proteins you want in a pizza, fresh from the brick oven.

For dessert, go for Aresi's classic Chocolate Lava Cake, rich and moist cake filled with molten chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream.

If you find yourself near Subic's Harbor Point Mall, you can check out another of PPGI's concepts, Kusina ng Gerry's, offering classic Filipino cuisine in a fast casual dining setting with affordable price points.

Or you can simply walk across the street from Court Meridian Hotel & Suites to Gerry's Grill, and pick a spot along the beach. Grab a beer, or some fresh chilled buko and just sit back and relax...

...and wait for the sunset. And it's another perfect day at Subic Freeport Zone.

Ramen Sora, Aresi and Gerry's Grill are located along Waterfront Road, beside Court Meridian Hotel & Suites, Central Business District, Subic Freeport Zone.

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