Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rockin' at the Mall: Robinsons Magnolia's Soundbites OPM Jam 2016 with Bamboo

Rockin' at the Robinsons Magnolia. 

Robinsons Magnolia kicked off its series of live concerts, dubbed Soundbites OPM Jam, last April 15 at the Open Parking area with rocker Bamboo, followed by live performances from Kokoi Baldo last April 16, and Up Dharma Down last April 17. Summer gets even hotter with live, open-air Robinsons Magnolia.

The wide open spaces at Robinsons Magnolia make it an ideal spot for rockin' at the mall...

As the late afternoon light slowly faded, final preparations were made for the evening's concert.

One more run through...

...and one final sound check. All set and ready to rock.

Robinsons Magnolia's staff and crew proceed to their designated assignments... shoppers and mall visitors, drawn by the sound of the rehearsals, start to flock in.

Soon, lines formed at the Open Parking entrance for the kick-off concert of Robinsons Magnolia's Soundbites OPM Jam 2016.

Minutes before the concert, a quick glimpse of Bamboo inside his tent added to the already electrifying vibe of the evening...

...and in a flash, Bamboo takes on the stage accompanied by the raw and rhythmic sound of drums, deep bass, and a wild applause from the crowd.

Bamboo belts out his signature hits to the delight of the crowd...

...with each number taking the level of excitement even higher. It's classic Bamboo, rockin' at the mall.

The crowd goes wild after each song, as smartphones rise up in the air to document the performance of one of the country's best rockers.

Each song connects with the crowd, raising the energy, and Robinsons Magnolia is transformed in a blaze of lights and sound.

Halfeway through the concert, the crowds continue to build, reaching even closer to the stage...

...and Bamboo responds by going down the stage greeted by a loud cheer from the crowd.

Being right there, up close to one of the country's best rockers, was an experience in itself. And you too can experience it all, right here at Robinsons Magnolia.

And now you know, rockin' at the mall just adds another cool dimension to the mall experience. Stay tuned for more concerts and events at Robinsons Malls...

Robinsons Magnolia is located at Aurora Boulevard corner Dona Hemady Street, Quezon City. For more updates on Robinsons Malls, check out their cool FB Page at

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