Sunday, March 26, 2017

Find Your Own Road: Sights and Scenes From The Eleventh Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show

I urge you to travel as far and as widely as possible. If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. As far as you can, as much as you can - Anthony Bourdain

The lure of the wide open road will always be a liberating experience. And there's no better way to live this dream than heading out on two wheels with all the horsepower you need on the long and winding road...

At the recent 11th Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show, childhood dreams were once again revived with the sight of beautiful two-wheeled machines of all makes, configurations, brands, and badges, each one appealing to your innermost desires and the longing for freedom on the open road. And there's nothing quite like revving up and riding like the wind, exposed to the raw power of the elements, and being one with the road. I've always wanted to find my own road, and that uniquely liberating experience of solitary rides into the sunset on never-ending highways to nowhere. It's the journey more than the destination, after all, that matters. I remember the two-week long road trip along the iconic Mother Road many years back, and seeing lone riders along the fabled Route 66 on their trusty hogs, leaving me wondering and wishing, if only I could do that too.

And that has remained unchecked on my bucket list for so many years. Visiting the 11th Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show somehow sparked the old childhood dream. But current realities still present countless obstacles before I can even tick off this dream from my bucket list, and it may just take a little longer. But for a few hours, touching these awesome machines made the dream just a little bit more real. Even when parked, these static displays of raw power looked fast. Very fast. 

The fluid and organic lines are a disciplined study of form follows function, there's nothing frivolous, each line and curve are meant to satisfy the need for speed...

...even when the roads turn to rugged dirt trails.

At the bike festival and trade show, you'll find a wide variety of essential gear for your road trip, from premium Metzeler tires designed for safety and maximum performance on all or specific road conditions... high-end protection from the very best manufacturers, like the world-renowned line of helmets from Japan's iconic Shoei.

The variety of colors and different designs make one feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store. Looking good on the road is, after all, part of the overall experience.

And here's a cool innovation. Your solitary road trip doesn't have to cut off your link with the rest of the world, even though that's exactly the point most of the time. But for those times when you need to stay connected or reach out to someone, there's Sena Motorcyle Bluetooth Communications Systems for all your communications, right there inside your helmet. Bluetooth, audio multi-tasking, group intercom, smartphone app access, universal intercom, advanced noise control, voice command, HD quality crystal clear and natural sound, and even a camera for videos, all in one miniature gadget that fits in the palm of your hand, now how cool is that. And you can have it all inside your helmet and go for that long ride with the knowledge that everyone and anyone is just a voice command away.

The number of exhibitors provided long lists of options for finding your very own set of two wheels, so go ahead and pick your ride. Go for the retro classic...

...or the insanely fast and furious with the cool Ninja moves, it's your call.

From elegant two-wheeled mean machines with a raw yet refined and efficient teutonic vibe by BMW... tourers, cruisers and street-legal racers, the recent 11th Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show had something for everyone.

And when the road ends, that's when the real fun, and adventure, begins. Having no paved roads to cruise is no longer a barrier, it's even a much anticipated highlight in any road trip with machines specially designed to match any condition, road or no road. 

Choose your badge. Iconic names with a rich history and tradition still remain some of the coolest brands, and old school definitely still rules. And having it as your badge on the road is part of the overall experience. 

From the classic Indian, America's very first motorcycle company... the ruggedly sexy Ducati with its distinct Italian flair, you'll find the right badge with your name on it, from the smart and practical to aspirational, it's all here at the 11th Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show.

But more than anything, choose to be yourself. Pick your own style for your own road. It's all about you and no one else so just go with it, with all the chrome you want.

Behind the dazzle of the bright lights, you'll find a bike that fits you to a tee, just have a friendly chat with the different exhibitors and riding enthusiasts for that insider tip.

And when you finally choose your ride, you're all set to hit the road and live your dreams.

And the 11th Annual Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show takes you there to live your dreams for the open road even for just a few days and hours, with the widest selection of exhibitors all in one place.

And as you rev up and begin your solitary journey on the long and winding road, there will be many others along the way who will see you zoom by and will one day wish, hope, and even achieve their own dream of finding their own road. Can't wait for next year's edition of the annual Insider Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show...

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