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A Weekend at Discovery Primea

Weekends. Just two days in a week so better make the most out of it...

And when you want to get the best from your precious weekend without leaving the metro, Discovery Primea transforms any usual weekend into something special. Towering high above the Makati commercial and business district with its elegant fusion of Mediterranean Chinoiserie-inspired lines, Discovery Primea places you right at the center of the action, within walking distance of Makati's commerce, leisure and cultural attractions. It's also the perfect spot to get away from it all for that ultimate weekend escape... 

Weekends are ideal times to catch up and recharge, and sometimes, a quick getaway is all you need to gain back some much-needed balance. At Discovery Primea, just leave everything to the friendly staff and they'll take care of things while you can go ahead and do the serious business of doing nothing at all and getting back on track on a relaxing and stress-free weekend. A warm smile greets you the minute you enter the lobby and head for the reception...

...all the way to the courteous servers of the hotel's dining establishments. It's this genuine warmth of Filipino hospitality showcased by the Discovery Leisure Company's homegrown roots that make your stay special at Discovery Primea.

Home for the weekend is the elegantly spacious Primea Suite, a flowing 94 square meter suite with two separate bedrooms each with king-sized beds, two luxurious toilet & baths with all the amenities, an open space layout with living room, work area, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. And three 46" wide screen LED TVs, so no need to argue over the remote. It's home. Think of it as your own private sanctuary at the heart of a bustling commercial and business district. The Primea Suite can accommodate up to four or even five persons in total comfort, perfect for families.

The in-suite bath includes dual vanities and even a 19" LED TV by the tub ensuring you won't miss your favorite cable programs. A separate bath in the common area includes the same luxurious amenities.

At the second bedroom, you'll find the same massive king-sized Discovery Primea Hypoallergenic Goose Feather Mattress topped with velvety-smooth and plush linens. Complimentary high-speed internet access for multiple devices, Pressreader access, and in-room safe, you're connected and secure for the weekend.  

The living space is another favorite spot at your own Primea Suite. The efficient use of space ensures there's more than enough room to do whatever you like before heading back to the inviting king-size hypoallergenic goose feather mattress. And once you lay down in the goose feather mattress, good luck. You're off to dreamland in minutes.

The dining area flows into the open kitchen equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, induction cooking range, washer and dryer, microwave and oven toaster with coffee and tea-making facilities. Plus all the cutlery, fine china and glassware to make you feel right at home. And if there's anything else you need, it's just a quick call away.

And when you're in the mood for a tipple or a tasty snack, the well-stocked mini bar and refreshment center has everything you need to satisfy any craving.

A thoughtful welcome platter of chocolates is one of those little touches that go a long way in a weekend staycation, personalized with that school pride just in time for the afternoon's games...

...with another platter of assorted gourmet cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and fresh seedless grapes to satisfy any sudden craving for munchies.

Need a rejuvenating cup of freshly brewed coffee to keep you away temporarily from the inviting hypoallergenic goose feather mattress? No problem. The Nespresso Machine will whip it up for you in seconds with a push of the button, simply choose your capsule.

The views from the eleventh floor highlights the fast-changing skylines of the Makati commercial and business district to the left, the rising Rockwell cityscape in the center...

...and in the distant far right, Bonifacio Global City. You get all three views from your panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows of your Primea Suite.

For most foreign travelers, the immediate order of the day upon arrival in any destination is to purchase a SIM card to stay connected with home or the office. Discovery Primea does away with that with their unique and convenient Handy Smartphone, a first in Makati and probably the local hotel industry. The convenient mobile device allows guests to make local calls as well as international calls to the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong at no charge. And with fast 4G internet connectivity, access to social media essentials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other pre-installed travel apps is a breeze. And here's even more good news. You can even customize your Handy Smartphone with Google Play Store Apps making this more than just a standalone mobile phone. Stay connected without the fuss or hassle with the Handy Smartphone, only at Discovery Primea. And once you check out, the integrated property management system automatically performs a complete factory reset for security. In the meantime, you can bring your Handy Smartphone with you to the gym, spa or pool to stay connected during your stay at Discovery Primea.  

But it's time for lunch. At Restaurant Tapenade. Known for its vibrant Mediterranean-inspired flavors, Restaurant Tapenade offers a variety of rustic brick-oven pizzas, hearty pasta dishes, steaks and Moroccan tagines. The use of the freshest produce and authentic ingredients defines each dish at Restaurant Tapenade, each one masterfully executed by Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco's culinary team. The Lengua Sevillana with Mushrooms, Green Olives, and Pan-Fried Potatoes (P 590) is a meal in itself, with fork-tender beef simmered with mushrooms and olives in a richly flavored sauce topped with fresh arugula. Each bite delivers a savory richness that coats your palate...

...contrasting with the light, tart and sunny flavors of the Pan-Roasted Snapper Fillet with Sicilian Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Spinach and Crispy Chickpeas (P 590). It's the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean, elegantly plated at Restaurant Tapenade. After a satisfying lunch, time to head back to your Primea Suite and your own hypoallergenic goose feather mattress.

Late in the afternoon, head on up to the 16th Floor at Edge for a peek at even more impressive views. That weekend, Discovery Primea prepared to join the rest of the world for Earth Hour. High above at Edge, Dr. Romar Sese set up his powerful Celestron Telescope for the evening. It's a cool twist on Earth Hour, with space-themed cocktails and moongazing at Edge. After all, when the lights go out for Earth Hour, there's no better time to look up at the stars without any atmospheric interference from the city's lights.  

And when you have a powerful telescope like a Celestron, all you need is a phone and simply place it directly on the telescope's viewfinder for a dramatic shot of a blue moon, craters and all, against a fading blue sky. 

Edge offers handcrafted cocktails matched with killer views of the city, making it the perfect spot to catch the sunset. Or the moon. No matter what you're after, there's just nothing quite like cocktails high above the metro.

After some pre-dinner cocktails at Edge, it's time for dinner at Discovery Primea's modern Flame Restaurant. With its sleek semi-open kitchen, diners get a peek at the team of skilled chefs plating the dishes with the final touches before serving. An innovative concept developed by General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamko, Flame Restaurant showcases their modern take on classic European cuisine infused with inventive Asian notes for a new dining experience.

Our dinner began with the signature starter from Edge, the savory Wagyu Cubes elegantly served in a glass bowl filled with aromatic smoke. The fork-tender melt-in-your mouth Wagyu Cubes, poured with a rich mirin sauce, delivers a buttery and beefy richness that can only come from the finest Wagyu beef. This is a must-try when you're at Discovery Primea. 

For dinner, we decided to go for a pair of seafood dishes at Flame Restaurant. The Seared Chilean Sea Bass with Shiitake Mushrooms, Garlic Confit, and Madeira Mushroom Broth (P 1,400) delivered fresh and clean notes, complemented by the earthy flavors of the shiitake mushrooms and perfectly finished by the nutty garlic confit and the rich broth. Through the complex layers of flavors, the delicate notes of the premium sea bass still stands out with every bite.   

The Roasted Norwegian Salmon with Braised Savoy Cabbage, Japanese Pickled Ginger, and Aromatic Sesame Sauce (P 750) combines the mild briny notes of the premium salmon with distinct Asian hints from the pickled ginger to the sesame sauce in a perfectly balanced dish.  Subtle, delicate, fresh and pure flavors masterfully orchestrated with the finest ingredients for each dish, dining at Flame Restaurant is always a treat.

For dessert, Flame Restaurant's Apple, Apple, Apple (P 320) is an indulgent play on flavor and texture with caramelized apples, apple gelee, Calvados cream and crisp cinnamon pastry for that sweet and perfect ending.

Later, as the lights were temporarily shut off replaced by candles for Earth Hour, another peek at the Celestron Telescope revealed the moon exuding an ethereal glow against a stark black sky. Just perfect.

After a memorable dinner followed by cocktails and moongazing, what can be better than waking up to a new day with room service for breakfast? Just sit back and watch as the dining table is set for breakfast.

The Filipino Breakfast (P 900) is the perfect way to start the day, which includes your choice of fresh fruit juice, a platter of seasonal fruits, fresh-baked pan de sal, two organic eggs cooked to your preference, and your choice of Beef Tapa, Lucban Longganisa, Pork Tocino, or Daing na Bangus served with Garlic Fried Rice and Pickled Papaya. Homestyle flavors are leveled-up at Discovery Primea.

After breakfast, why not take a few laps at the pool? Then again, you can opt to do nothing at all and just relax in your king-size hypoallergenic goose feather mattress until check-out. After all, it's the weekend and doing nothing at all is sometimes what you need to gain back some sense of balance before facing the new week ahead. And you can do just Discovery Primea.

After checking out, the warm smiles of the staff linger long after you pull out from the driveway, recharged and energized, from one memorable weekend at Discovery Primea.

Discovery Primea is located at 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 955-8888 for inquiries and more information.

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