Saturday, April 14, 2018

#AirAsiainDavao: Surf's Up in Dahican

Visions of an eternal summer come alive at Dahican, with its gentle surf crashing on the beach...

The famed white beaches of Dahican lures both locals and travelers alike to enjoy its soft white sand and calm blue waters, and if you've got the chops for skimboarding or surfing, Dahican is your perfect playground.

The launch of AirAsia's new In-Flight catalog and Santan In-Flight Hot Meal by Chef JP Anglo with Malagos Chocolate brings us down south to savor the sights and flavors of Davao (for more on AirAsia's new In-Flight Catalog and Santan In-Flight Hot Meal created by Chef JP Anglo with Malagos Chocolate, see my earlier post, #AirAsiainDavao: AirAsia Introduces Unique Malagos Chocolate-Infused Meal to Santan In-Flight Menu Selection and #AirAsiainDavao: Experience davao's Sights and Flavors with AirAsia on my other food blog). With regular direct flights from Manila and Clark, Davao is never too far away.

A four-hour drive from Davao City, Dahican Beach in Davao Oriental is yet another facet to the many sights and experiences of Davao. Our final stop in a three-day adventure of chasing wonders in Davao with AirAsia, the white sand and blue waters are a welcome sight.

Before sunset, we settle in to our beachfront cottages to recharge for the next round of adventures.

Early the next morning, another perfect day with clear blue skies signals the start of yet another page of chasing wonders in Davao. And the surf's up...

At Dahican Beach, locals gather to observe the arrival of the perfect wave. By mid-morning, the waves come in to the delight of local skimboarders. Time to hit the beach...

The young kids, many of them local champs, show their winning moves racing toward the wave and riding its crest. These kids make it look so easy, as more locals and visitors arrive with their boards waiting for the next wave.

One by one, the skimboarders take their turns with each coming wave...

...for a celebration of sun, sea and surf at Dahican. The call of the sea is strong, and seeing all these skimboarders do their thing is an experience in itself.

Then, Dahican's local heroes, both regional and national champs, join the fray.

There is a delicate balance in their approach, with an inner grace that makes them seem one with the sea.

And more skimboarders arrive to chase that perfect wave, as Dahican obliges with a never-ending barrage of perfectly-curled surf. It's forever summer in Dahican.

For the young boys and girls of Dahican, all of them future champs, the pulsating rhythm of the waves is life. And I just can't help but envy their passion for life.

By lunch, the waves crash in at their highest peak, greeted by loud cheers from the ever-growing crowd by the beach as the next batch of junior skimboarding champs look on.

By day's end, we're back home in Manila after another memorable experience of chasing wonders with AirAsia. Where's your next adventure? Start your journey with AirAsia with just a few clicks and you're on your way to chasing wonders...

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