Friday, April 13, 2018

#AirAsiainDavao: Up Close with Nature at Malagos Garden Resort

Less than a half-hour's drive from the city up the winding roads yet one feels miles away from the mad rush of the urban jungle. Getting away from it all is easy, just keep driving up the hill until you find a secluded sanctuary...  

...called Malagos Garden Resort. The expansive 12-hectare property is an oasis in the fast emerging and progressive city of Davao, allowing both locals and visitors to take a break and recharge from the mad rush of the urban race.  

And once you enter the resort, the lush greens surround you taking you far away from the city. Calm, serene and tranquil, Malagos Garden Resort is an ideal and secluded getaway for the weekend. 

And if the name of the resort sounds familiar, you've probably indulged in more than a few decadent bites of Davao's finest and luscious single origin chocolate, Malagos Chocolate. Internationally recognized as one of the Best 50 in the World, Malagos Chocolate takes pride in its artisan tree-to-bar experience for all its chocolate products.  

The launch of AirAsia's new In-Flight Catalog and special Santan In-Flight Hot Meal created by noted Chef JP Anglo infused with Malagos Chocolate takes us to Malagos Garden Resort and to experience first-hand the sights and flavors of the majestic King City of the South.

With regular direct flights from Manila and Clark, flying to Davao is a breeze with the World's Best Low-Cost Carrier. Simply let AirAsia take you there, and begin chasing wonders for your own adventure in Davao.  

At Malagos Garden Resort's outdoor Koi Cafe, the team from AirAsia prepared for the formal launch of the In-Flight Catalog and the new Santan In-Flight Meal created by Chef JP Anglo (for more on AirAsia's new In-Flight Catalog and Santan In-Flight Hot Meal created by Chef JP Anglo with Malagos Chocolate, see my previous post, #AirAsiainDavao: AirAsia Introduces Unique Malagos Chocolate-Infused Meal to Santan In-Flight Menu Selection and #AirAsiainDavao: Experience Davao's Sights and Sounds with AirAsia on my other food blog). It was, like all AirAsia events I've been invited to, another memorable experience.

Accommodations at Malagos Garden Resort include De Luxe Rooms, Superior Rooms, Executive Rooms, Family Suites and Honeymoon Suites housed in rustic cabins blending in with the natural surroundings.

The spacious rooms include all the modern amenities you need for that comforting weekend escape, surrounded by the gardens of the resort. 

You can opt to walk and explore the property on foot, or call for the shuttle. Further up the resort is the farm with the prized single-origin cacao trees used in Malagos Chocolates products.

After your fill of indulgent Malagos Chocolates, why not visit the Malagos Chocolate Museum?

Find out more about the chocolate you love with the museum's informative exhibits that the kids, and the kid in you, will surely enjoy.

With many interactive exhibits, you'll learn about the history and intricate process of chocolate production at the Malagos Chocolate Museum. At the end of your visit, you'll be craving for even more chocolate, and why not, you're at the very source of Malagos Chocolate.

All around the property, you'll find playful reminders of your love for chocolate...

...and your own quiet spot tucked away inside the garden resort.

Rejuvenate your body with a calming massage...

...or better yet, go for another round of indulgence with my kind of therapy. More chocolate? Absolutely. And they now have Homemade Ice Cream too, and the Tablea Ice Cream is made with, you guessed it, Malagos Chocolate.

Indulge and escape from it all at Malagos Garden Resort. And AirAsia can take you there...

Malagos Garden Resort is located at Barangay Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City or call +6382-224-7438 and +6382-224-9937 for inquiries and reservations.

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