Friday, May 29, 2015

Vitalis Villas: Reshaping Luxury Coastal Living

The coastline along the calm and serene Sabangan Cove in Santiago, Ilocos Sur is slowly being transformed with an impressive new coastal development. It's the shape of things to come...

The new Vitalis Villas redefines the concept of luxurious coastal living, with its distinct free-flowing and organic design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The dramatic white villas combine both modern aesthetics with a rustic Mediterranean vibe, reshaping the landscape. Take an exclusive peek at the shape of things to come in Sabangan Cove...

Perched high above a rocky hilltop overlooking Sabangan Cove, one can enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of Vitalis Resort & Spa across the the cove. A short drive via a private road provides direct access to Vitalis Resort & Spa, but if you're looking for an adrenalin rush, a zip line will be made available for a thrilling ride across the cove to the resort. Midway through the first phase of construction, villas in various stages of completion can be seen around the exclusive property, and one can already imagine how the area would look once completed, scheduled for the latter part of the year (you can check my follow-up post on an awesome three-day vacation at Vitalis Villas here).

Each of the villas are designed to conform with the natural contour of the site, working with the layout of the property. Throughout the property, steps are created in harmony with the property's various rolling form, and alterations are kept to a minimum.

The elegant white tones of the exclusive property are accentuated with splashes of vibrant colors without distracting from its predominant minimalist inspired theme.

The pure simplicity of the forms and shapes are visually compelling, harnessing the rugged contour of the hilltop property as a key element in its overall design.

Subtle touches, like the exterior lighting fixtures, maintain the rounded, organic form of the structures, consistent with the overall design.

Walking up the stone steps to the model unit, one is transported to the sunny Mediterranean, or the iconic cliff-top dwellings on Santorini, or some faraway Greek island. But it's all right here in Sabangan Cove.

Inside, the clean, wide and spacious interiors present limitless possibilities on creating the perfect summer getaway. Despite the summer heat, temperatures inside the villas are noticeably cooler due to the high ceiling design and heat-reflective nature of the stark white color scheme.

Thoughtful interior design elements can be found throughout the well-appointed villa, giving it a comforting and homey vibe.

Above, the intricate ceiling design infuse the rounded shapes of the exterior, consistent with the overall design concept.

And this is repeated throughout the interiors, adding an element of whimsical playfulness and fun.

Elaborately framed windows provide natural illumination, as well as scenic views of the property.

Elegant yet comfortingly homey, Vitalis Villas takes the concept of luxury coastal living to a whole new level. It's definitely the shape of things to come in Sabangan Cove...

For more on Vitalis Villas, you can contact Vitalis Resort and Spa at (077) 673-0037, (02) 806-5380 or 0917-580-0848 for inquiries. You can also contact the Manila Sales Office located at +632-373-3333 local 201 or email

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