Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Sunset Cruise at Sabangan Cove

It's the end of another perfect day at Vitalis Villas. But not just yet...

Vitalis Villas had one more activity lined up for us, a sunset cruise around Sabangan Cove. And Vitalis Villas continued to surprise and amaze (for more on Vitalis Villas, the North's newest summer lifestyle destination, see my previous post here)...

With the sun slowly setting in the distant horizon, the staff of Vitalis Villas prepared our boat for the cruise...

The crew then set course as we headed out of the calm cove, heading for open water and into the sunset.

The crew made sure we had enough provisions for the scenic sunset cruise, with an appetizing Cheese Platter with a variety of premium cheeses, olives and honey paired with ice-cold beer. It's little touches like these by the friendly staff of Vitalis Villas that make your stay so special and memorable.

As we headed out of the cove, local fishermen cast their nets at the bountiful waters of Sabangan Cove, right across Vitalis Villas. The waters are rich with sea urchins, with its roe used in a variety of dishes at Vitalis Villas (for more on the signature dishes of Vitalis Villas, see my post on my other food blog here).

In the fading afternoon light, the pristine white facade of Vitalis Villas is draped in a rich tapestry of colors, changing hues as the sun slowly sets.

As we headed further out to the open sea, the sky become a canvas with rich shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow, and with another ice-cold beer in hand, it just doesn't get any better than this.

And like a final bow, the sun disappears into the horizon, signalling the end of another day at Vitalis Villas.

Different colored light are then turned on at Vitalis Villas...

...for yet another breathtaking site of the impressive and luxurious property. After an adrenalin-pumped ride at Vitalis Villas' 650 meter zipline (more on that awesome ride on my previous post here), a relaxing sunset cruise was a welcome change of pace, and just one of the many activities at Vitalis Villas.

For more on Vitalis Villas, you can contact 0916-552-2794 or call Vitalis Resort and Spa at (077) 673-0037, (02) 806-5380 or 0917-580-0848 for inquiries. You can also contact the Manila Sales Office located at +632-373-3333 local 201 or email You can also visit their informative and helpful FB Page at for more updates. 

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