Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Awesome Food Trip to Pampanga

Pampanga has always been known for its rich and diverse culinary heritage, and if you have a day to spare, go for a drive and enjoy some of the best local flavors in one epic food trip.  

The fertile plains of Pampanga, irrigated by the massive Pampanga River, combine to form Luzon's rich rice basket, with a bounty of agricultural and freshwater produce. History and its unique geographical features collaborate for a melting pot of flavors, a diverse culinary heritage enriched by Malay, Spanish and Mexican influences. Begin your culinary experience at Claude Tayag's Downtown Cafe in Angeles City, with his wide range of traditional and local dishes, including the Crispy Hito Sarsiadong Bihod, crispy deep-fried catfish on a rich and creamy egg sauce with fresh fish roe. One of Pampanga's culinary icons, Claude Tayag brings back traditional and comforting flavors in his newest restaurant, making this a mandatory stop in any food trip to Pampanga. 
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