Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fresh: Farmers Market Day Tour

Find out what the locals eat, and discover a city from a unique perspective. A visit to a local market is still the best way to know the city and feel the local vibe. 

The rich culinary history and heritage, its traditional and modern cuisine, is lavishly showcased in each stall of the market allowing you to take a glimpse, and a taste, of the city. And you can do just that at the iconic Farmers Market in Araneta Center with its day tours.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walking The Strip

It's probably the most famous 4.2 mile strip in the world, and there's really nothing that can compare to its dazzling display of bright neon and spectacular shows. You can opt to ride The Deuce, the familiar double-decker that plies the route, or feel the local vibe by walking the strip...

...and walking the strip allows you to notice the small things and details that are often missed while speeding by in a bus. Get your loafers ready and hit the strip.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lost in the Stillness at Mont La Salle

A place of serene calm in the valley, far from the usual crowd of visitors and tourists, and an idyllic stop while going sideways in Napa...

Mont La Salle's imposing presence high above the hills of Napa remains one of the most memorable sights I have of the valley. The beautiful Spanish Romanesque and California Mission architectural style of the chapel and other structures in the property provide a dramatic backdrop to the vineyards, as low-lying clouds sweep over the hills, draping it in an elegant early morning veil. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Discovery Primea: Makati's Newest Icon of Luxury

A new icon of luxury rises above Makati, an impressive 68-storey structure that's both massive yet elegant, and a luxurious addition to the dynamic cityscape. Welcome to the new Discovery Primea...

The Discovery Leisure Company proudly unveils its newest luxury hotel property, Discovery Primea,  along the prime Ayala Avenue apartment ridge geared for corporate and leisure travelers. A new landmark exuding a graceful synergy of design and luxury, Discovery Primea is set to become one of the Makati CBD's most prestigious destinations.
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